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You will need a MiFILE account to submit documents to the court. To get started, visit the MiFILE
website and click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner. Creating an account is free.

MiFILE Tutorial - How to Register for a New Account

As a reminder, when signing up for a new account, you will need to use the same email that you
registered with the State Bar of Michigan. Our transition to MiFILE requires the service recipient list for
each case in MiFILE to be populated one time from the party and attorney information maintained in
the court's case management system; in some instances, the attorney email addresses in the case
management system will have originated from a file maintained by the State Bar.

Each member of your legal support staff should also create a MiFILE account. There is functionality
within MiFILE that allows users to build a network of firm attorneys and legal support staff. This
functionality is called connections. Only an attorney may initiate a connection request with another
user, but any user can receive a connection request from an attorney. We recommend attorneys not
send Connection Requests to clients as they would have access to your payment information through
this feature. When a connection request is accepted, both connected users can file on one another's
behalf, share payment information, and access one another's filing histories.

MiFILE Tutorials - What are Connections?

Once MiFILE goes live, the way attorneys receive service will change from paper forms to e-service.
Service Recipients are individuals that have a legal interest on a given case. Any MiFILE user can
request to add themselves as a service recipient if they have a legal interest in the case and are filing a
document in support of the request. Examples are an attorney appearance, a motion to intervene, a
third-party complaint, an acceptance of trust, or a request for service as a person interested in the case
through court-ordered appointment (such as a receiver).
Legal support staff for an attorney is not a service recipient and do not have a legal interest in the
case, even if they are a connected user.
To ensure that legal support staff are timely notified of e-served documents, there is a feature that
allows attorneys to "copy e-service" to any of their MiFILE Connections. This means that any time
another user e-serves the attorney or the court e-notices a document through MiFILE, the attorney's
connections will also get a copy of that e-served document.

MiFILE Tutorial - Choose Notification Settings

To best assist you in this transition to e-filing, there are multiple resources at your disposal. Below are
some helpful links that will take you to these resources:

MiFILE Filer Informational Website

MiFILE Resources

MiFILE Quick Reference Guide

MiFILE Tutorials

What’s New with MiFILE?

MiFILE Webinars

For further questions or concerns, please feel free to email the MiFILE help desk at