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Online Courtrooms

Ensure you have reached out to the 34th District Court with your Name, Phone Number, Case Number, and Email Here
and received your date and time for appearance.

For assistance with joining a Zoom Meeting, please refer to


On the date of your appearance before the court, your name, case number, and deadline to be in the Zoom waiting room will appear below:

Courtroom 1: Magistrate Hindman
Courtroom 2: Judge Oakley


Courtroom 3: Judge Green
On the date of your appearance before the court, your name, case number, and deadline to be in the Zoom waiting room will appear below.

Using f97d536955c0ab824e1b78f321d3752b_zoom-web-conferencing-zoom-videoconferencia-logo-png-image-with-_840-859

In order to facilitate remote appearance to the courtroom in a way that's accessible to most, we will be using Zoom to establish audio-visual communication the day of. Zoom can be downloaded here at or downloaded onto your smart device via most major app marketplaces. After downloading please create an account and ensure you can log in.  

Before you get started:  Test your Windows, Apple, or Android devices: Directions for testing your device and networking prior to the proceeding can be found at

Be sure to use the following protocol:

  • If you are logging in from your smart device, computer, tablet or laptop -- please enter the case number and your name under "Join with a personal link name." 
    • Example for litigants: 
      20-001234-FY Bob Smith
    • Example for an attorney: 
      P76484 - Chelsea Wallace

  • If you are using a desktop computer be sure to headphones in.  If you do not have a microphone, you will need to call in with your phone and continue to login to Zoom on your desktop.
  • When using your smartphone, laptop or tablet, please locate your settings for the microphone and camera to make sure settings are on.

  • Call the court from a private/quiet room.

  • Do not have radios or televisions on during the call.

  • Do not use the speakerphone option on your phone.

  • If possible, mute your phone until you are ready to speak.

  • The Judge will instruct the parties on the phone when the case begins and when to begin speaking.  

f97d536955c0ab824e1b78f321d3752b_zoom-web-conferencing-zoom-videoconferencia-logo-png-image-with-_840-859 Waiting Rooms
After you have received the date and time for your appearance from the court, based on which Judge will be holding court and which courtroom it will take place in, you will join one of our Zoom Waiting Rooms by clicking one of the links below. 

Judges and Courtrooms are subject to change, 

Courtroom 1

Courtroom 2

Courtroom 3

Streaming to 1280px-Logo_of_YouTube_(2015-2017).svg
In compliance with the Supreme Court of Michigan's order concerning allowing public access to court proceedings, we will be live streaming a majority of our scheduled docket, access to the livestreams can be found by courtroom below:

Courtroom 1