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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will contain general common questions, for more indepth information regarding a certain department, please refer to the tabs at the top of the page!

General Questions

Where do I pay for my ticket?

You can pay for your ticket through our payment processing website located here!

You can also send payment to, or pay in person at our courthouse located at:
34th District Court
11131 Wayne Road,
Romulus, Michigan 48174

I just got a ticket, how long before I can pay it?
When you receive a ticket, it has to be sent from the police department to be logged here at the courthouse, it will most likely not be entered into our system for 3-4 days. You can bring your ticket into our courthouse and attempt to pay it, but you must have the original ticket received to do this. You can also mail payment and the ticket to our courthouse, and it will be applied to the ticket when we receive it from the police. 

Also, bear in mind that your own bank may take time to move the money from your account, 24-48 hours from date of payment depending on which bank you use.
Is there a way to check to see if my ticket is in? Or if my payment has been applied?

1. Follow this link to our ROA-Lookup website:

2. Read the 'Disclaimer' that pops up, and click 'Okay'

3. Enter your name in the style of (Last-name, First-name):   Smith, John

4. Find the Register of Actions that matches your name and Ticket Number

5. If you do not see your name, or your ticket number, and you got your ticket within the past 48 hours, it may not be entered yet. If you are concerned, please get in contact with us via the phone. 

6. On the Register of Actions, scroll down to see if your payment has been received, and what the remaining cost is!
How long do I have to pay a ticket?
From the date you receive the ticket, you have 14 days to contact us with payment, a plea for the prosecutor, or request for a hearing.
Is paying the ticket the only choice I have?

While it varies depending on each individual situation, in most circumstances, there are a few options available to someone with a ticket. For example, someone accused of a Civil Infraction has the options of:

  • To admit responsibility for the violation and pay the amount indicated on the ticket. This may be done in person at the court or by mail.
  • To admit responsibility with an explanation attached to the ticket describing any special circumstances. Your written explanation must state that you are admitting responsibility and must be signed. A magistrate will review the ticket and your explanation. You will be notified by mail of the magistrate’s decision.
  • To deny responsibility. You must contact the Court and request a hearing, either by mail, telephone, representation or in person, within 10 days to deny responsibility.Failure to respond to a civil infraction within the allowed time period will result in the entry of a default judgment against the driver. Points will be placed on the driver’s record and the secretary of state may suspend the driver’s license. Before driving privileges can be restored, it will be necessary to pay the judgment amount as well as any late fees and a mandatory license reinstatement fee.
Where can I find court related forms?
All court related forms are located on the the Supreme Court Administrative Office webpage at this link:

We also have a selection of forms available for Civil-Specific Forms available in a succinct list here.
When are walk-in arraignments?
Walk-in arraignments are held:

Monday through Thursday